Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Industrialists, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

Otto Arnstein, Prague ->
is the brother of a well-known airship builder and Vice-President of the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation in Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

Mustafa Atif, Ankara ->
worked five years as a merchant of tobacco in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.

Wilhelm Austerlitz, Vienna ->
is the Manager of the Spinning Trust for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and of a Czechoslovak and an Austrian paper mill. He owns a Bulgarian bank and is on the Board of Directors of three Polish varnishing factories.

Ignace Bailony, Belgrade ->
has played an important part in the economic life of Yugoslavia. In 1905 he was nominated president of the Imperial Serbian Company of Navigation. After the war was the head of the management for the reconstruction of the county.

Eli Salomon Benuziglio, Salonica ->
is a merchant with upholstery cloth and a proprietor who is living on his private means.

Parvu Boerescu, Bucharest ->
During 7 years he was the director of a paper factory in Piatra Neamt and is a Rumanian representative of foreign business houses.

Georg von Borhy, Gyöngyös ->
is the owner of a brown coal mine, 80 km from Budapest.

George Chelmis, Athens ->
is involved in the fabrication of cigarettes at Cairo, A. Chelmis & Company; "The pearls of Egypt Cigarette", founded in 1871.

Georges Doumas, Athens
is the administrator of a society for the exportation of fruits and vegetables.

Alexander Fenyö, Budapest ->
founded the Kecskemét Machine Works in 1910; the Hungarian Match Factory in Kecskemét in 1911 and the first Cinema in 1913.

Ernst Flaschner, Budapest
has opened the admiral café Majestic, the Hotel Imperial-restaurant and bar; and the Parisian Bar and Grill on Margaret Island, Budapest.

Ernst Fürth, Vienna ->
In 1903 the firm Bernard Fürth fusioned with 5 other Match factories of Austria to do away with competition and was registered as "Solo"-Zündwaren- und Chemische Fabriken A.G. with headquarters in Vienna. 10 years later he became General Director and head of this establishment. The "Solo" A.G. under his director was able to maintain, in spite of the breakdown of the Austro Hungarian Monarchy its participation in the Czechoslovakian, Hungarian and Yugoslavian Match-Industries, holding a large number of shares of these for his Company.

Michael Gellér, Budapest ->
was the manager of the St. Regis Hotel in New York from 1904 to 1912 and has been manager of the Hotel Astoria in Budapest since 1912 and at the same time general director of the Palatinus Park in Budapest. Since 1933 he is the President of Palatinus Park, the Palatinus Hotel, the Hotel Astoria and the Hotel Palace, Budapest.

Tadeusz Graff, Warsaw ->
is the Vice-President of the Polish Metal-Industry-Union in which position he worked for the improvement of the Polish industry. During 9 years he was in charge of the factories of the South Russian metal-industry, 1910-1919. In Poland he was the owner of the metallurgic factory "Osprzet", a castinghouse, a mill in Zamosc and a saw mill in Dlugikat. During 5 1/2 years he was in charge of the State ammunition-factories in Radom.

Charles Guttmann, Budapest ->
has business and private connections with England and America.

Mark Kakarriqi, Scutari ->
has established the Albanian National Brewery Limited in London with the capital of 400.000 English pounds in 1929.

Julius Kuhinka von Gajari, Párad ->
After finishing his studies, he entered in the glass works of his father and remained there from 1919-1923. He has visited foreign factories, studying modern methods of working.

Nicolas Manos, Salonica ->
is a representative of European and American factories and of life insurance and insurance against maritime accidents

Nedko Nedkow, Varna ->
After having completed his studies in 1924, he took over the business of his father for aniline colours and woolyarn. In 1926 founded a factory for textile-dying and chemical cleaning for the firm Matey-Nedkow & Company of which he is a partner.

John Parsons, Bucharest ->
served in Cuba, Spain and Rumania with the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.

Julius Preisz, Budapest
founded in Szombathely a factory for cord and haberdashery.

Karol Sachs, Warsaw
Up to 1918 he was Vice-President of the All-Russian Sugar Association in Kiew.

Zygmunt Saryusz-Bielski, Cracow ->
was sent by the Turkish government during the war as an oil expert to visit the oil fields of Irak and Mesopotamia. In 1930 he visited the oil fields of Albania for a French Company.

Hermann Suida, Vienna ->
is an advisor of I.G. Farben and since 1922 of the Bosnian Wood Distribution Industry. He traveled to U.S.A. in 1930 and built the acetic acid plant in Memphis and Crosset. He has discovered a new acetic acid conservation process known as the "Suida Process"; and has erected plants in England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Poland and Bosnia.

Imre Tieberger, Budapest ->
has business connection with the syndicate of diamond-dealers in Antwerpen, Belgium, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Carl Zipernowsky, Budapest ->
founded the first electrotechnical factory in Hungary for the Ganz Works in 1880.