Who is Who in Central & East Europe 1933


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Slavko Boksan, Belgrade ->
Ringhoffer Machine Works

Jaroslav Bartoschek, Bratislava ->
Electrical Central Stations in Bitolji, Negotin, Arandjelovac, Lozniza and other places in Yugoslavia

Stefan Bryla, Cracow ->
The first arc welded highway bridge in the world, near Lowicz; 2 of highest buildings in Poland (Prudential, Warsaw, 16 floors, Finance Chamber, Katowice, 14 floors, steel construction, riveted and welded), Academic House Warsaw, 10 floors, Assurance Building, Warsaw, 9 floors, reinforced concrete, Postal Savings Bank, Warsaw, 8 floors (exclusively arc welded).

Constantin M. Vasilesco, Bucharest ->
University of Bucharest, Bank Chrisoveloni, Hotel and Casino in Sinaia, Hotel of Baths-Sinaia, railways water alimentation of Bucharest, etc.

Dezsö Zsigmondy, Budapest ->
Bridges over the Danube near Gombos, in Tahitófalu; suspension bridge in Budapest, Horthy Bridge in Budapest, near Dunaföldvár: bridges over the Vágh near Szered and Vághujely, over the Mur near Leteney, over the Tisza near Vásárosmnamény, over the Maros, Arad-Vár and Arad-Ujarad; over the Körös, near Várad-Velence and near Ossi; over the Aranyos; 2 bridges over the Danube Channel near Budapest; piers in the Danube-port of Budapest; basin in Salgótarján, Navigationlock on the Danube near Tass, etc.

Omer Fortuzi, Tirana ->
ministry palaces in Tirana, Royal Villa in Durazzo and other important buildings in Scutari, Elbasan and other parts of the country.

Dénes Györgyi, Budapest ->
Elementary School in Városmajor and in Budapest, various school buildings in the Hungarian Province cities ordered by the Ministry of Public Instruction; the College for girls and a home for the students in Fiume

Sándor von Hegedüs von Magyar Zsákod, Budapest ->
Elisabeth bridge, Budapest

Vlatislav Hofman, Prague ->
Jirasek bridge over the Vltava at Prague

Hans Jaksch, Vienna, XIII ->
The first skyscraper in Vienna, many churches, office buildings and dwelling houses

Dusan Jurkovic, Bratislava ->
the tourist-homes on the Radhost, Bath Luhacovice and a large number of private dwelling houses

Marcell Komor, Budapest ->
Budapest Royal Opera House; Royal Hungarian Curia in Budapest;

Aloys Medgyes, Budapest
Cottages, private and public houses, House for Cripples, Budapest; municipal workshops in Budapest, etc.

Juliusz Nagorski, Warsaw ->
Museum and Library of Count Krasinski in Warsaw, Maison Koscielski (at present embassy of United States of America in Warsaw), Skoda Fact, in Warsaw; Reconstruction of the Citadelle Modlin, Military Yacht Club, Warsaw, several castles in the country, hotels and dwelling houses in Warsaw; World's Fair in Warsaw 1933

Stefanoff Nenoff, Sofia ->
more than 100 buildings, such as: Railway Stations, hospitals, Store houses, private dwelling houses